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“I have to ask the missus if I spend more than, like, five hundred bucks. She’s like “I don’t want you going and making these dumb midlife crises purchases, call me.””

Robert Downey Jr Bringing CIVIL WAR To CAPTAIN AMERICA 3


Okay, so I’m giving the Variety article the hardest side-eye in the world — massive amounts of speculation, no sources — yeah, right.

The only guy I’m aware of who consistently has correct insider information is Devin Faraci, so I’m like, “Let’s see if it’s quiet on the Badass Digest. That’ll put the final nail in this rumor’s coffin.”

What’s on the front pa—

Robert Downey Jr Bringing CIVIL WAR To CAPTAIN AMERICA 3

f U CK


f u    c       k 

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"Let’s get low"

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So my very kind Downey-loving friend was at Good Morning America today and allowed me to share a few of her pictures :) She even shook his hand and complimented him on the sweater, to which he replied that he feels like salmon :D 

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The 50th Chicago International Film Festival (x)

Who gives you the right…??

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(Updated) RDJ things.


  • October 5:  [Chicago Film Fest red carpet, screening of The Judge]
  • October 6:  Eric and Kathy (radio show in Chicago)
  • October 7:  Reddit’s AMA live chat
  • October 7:  Late Show with David Letterman
  • October 8:  Good Morning America.
  • October 8:  Live! With Kelly and Michael
  • October 8:  The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
  • October 9: The Ellen Degeneres Show
  • October 9:  Late Night with Seth Meyers
  • October 17:  The Graham Norton Show

Also: The Howard Stern Show (when is this?)

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Who’s in Ellen’s Bushes today? ft. Robert Downey Jr.

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Subscriber’s edition of Esquire UK, November 2014 issue.

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 ”She is the font of all good things” Robert Downey Jr on Susan Downey - THR

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